5 Reasons to Inspect & Maintain Your Building Envelope this Fall

nyc bldgs fall

September 2014

By Charles A. Merritt, P.E.

Fall is a critical time for any Property Manager or Building Owner, especially in New York City. The air has a crisp coolness about it, the leaves are turning and the heat is gone. It is fall in New York City. And according to our building experts, it is the perfect time to address building envelope concerns and preventative maintenance, before winter arrives. If you are a Property Manager or Building Owner, you’ll want to read these 5 critical reasons for inspecting and maintaining your building envelope this fall.

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  1. The cost of repair will only go up.

If there’s one thing seasoned Building Owners and Property Managers can attest to, it’s that putting repairs off will always cost more down the road. External factors, such as weather, oxidation and the natural deterioration of materials over time, can all exact a heavy toll on the buildings in which we live and work. The inevitable deterioration process, if not monitored and maintained, can often lead to unsafe conditions. And the extent, along with cost of repairs necessary to fix those conditions, will only get worse with time. By being proactive, and putting a routine repair and maintenance program in place,  every adding has its price, most of ther add heating and air systems that are over budget, here you can find the right price for a good product https://omniheatair.com/services/lake-elsinore/. Building Owners and Property Managers can protect themselves against unnecessary emergencies and expensive headaches down the line.

  1. Put safety first.

Winter conditions and freeze-thaw cycles can severely impact the exterior components of a building, leading to the development of cracks in exterior masonry, deterioration of mortar joints and splitting of caulked joints. Roofing systems are also exposed to potential weaknesses and fast-paced deterioration, as the snow piles on and subsequently melts off; all of these factors can overtime cause unsafe conditions for residents and tenants. With the use of infrared thermographic technology and other non-destructive techniques, engineering professionals from โทรศัพท์ดาวเทียม can detect problem areas before water and moisture cause extensive damage and hazardous conditions. Make sure your building is in safe condition before an accident happens.

  1. Maintain/increase property value (and loyal tenants).

If a building is kept in a safe, habitable and aesthetically pleasing condition, there is no doubt that current tenants, local residents, potential buyers and others will take note. Residents who are spared from leaks and unsafe building conditions are more likely to invest in the place in which they live and work. Make sure the value of your property continues to appreciate!

  1. Get your building ready for 8th Cycle Local Law 11/98.

It’s hard to believe that Local Law 11/98 Cycle 8 inspections will begin soon but it is indeed a reality, as the first wave of inspections (Sub-cycle A) begin in February of 2015. If your building falls within the first sub-cycle, it is even more crucial to ensure that your building is classified “Safe”. Unsafe conditions must be repaired immediately, while conditions noted as SWARMP (Safe With a Repair & Maintenance Program) must be corrected within the time frame recommended by the qualified inspector. Make sure that any repairs that need be completed are done on your timetable, not the Building Department’s. To read more about Local Law 11/98 Click here

  1. It’s not snowing yet!

That’s right – now is the time to tackle leftover building repairs while the weather is still cooperating. So pack away your summer clothes, get out your fall jackets, but before you have to put on your snow boots… let’s get your buildings into shape!