Founded in 1986 by Charles A. Merritt, P.E., Merritt Engineering has become a leader in Building Exterior Restoration and Environmental Consulting services. Throughout the years, we have built a strong reputation through our commitment to preserving building integrity and enhancing property value.

Today, Merritt Engineering has become a medium-sized professional engineering firm with a staff of 30+ employees and office locations in Bayside, New York and Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. We service properties throughout New York City, Long Island, New Jersey and Florida. 

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Merritt’s History

On April 1, 1986, Charles A. Merritt founded Merritt Engineering. After serving as J.C. Penny’s Chief Construction Engineer for many years, Mr. Merritt decided to start his own engineering firm that would provide quality roofing and waterproofing consulting services for buildings throughout New York City. The one-person operation quickly grew and gained recognition as a reputable engineering firm with projects including the MetLife Building, News Corp Building, and The Verizon Building at 140 West Street.

Over the last three decades, the Merritt Engineering team has worked to maintain and restore thousands of buildings throughout New York City and across the United States. Although Mr. Merritt passed away in 2020, his work ethic, determination and entrepreneurial nature set the tone for the core principals by which the company is still run today. Merritt Engineering now has over 35 employees with offices in both New York and Florida, and has become widely recognized as one of the leading building restoration engineering firms in the industry.