The NYC DOB has released a new rule, which will take effect on November 12, 2021, and outlines amendments in order to clarify FISP requirements.

• Requirements for buildings that do not front a public right-of-way.
If a building does not front a public right-of-way, physical examinations are to be performed at a representative sample of the facade elevations with a minimum of one examination per building.

•“6-story” buildings could qualify under Local Law 11/98.
If your building is considered to be 6 stories per the Certificate of Occupancy, but contains a cellar whereby at least half of the cellar height is above grade at any exterior wall, your building would be required to file under Local Law 11/98 and all walls would be subject to inspection.

•Some flexibility offered to buildings who missed their prior FISP Report.
Starting in Cycle 10, Owners who did not file their FISP Report for the previous cycle may file a report prior to the start of their designated filing window provided that all applicable civil penalties are paid at the time of filing.

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For more information, read the full notice of adoption of the new rule.