Parking Structures, Sidewalks & Plazas

Parking Garage Restoration, Parking Lot RepairsDurability and functionality are the key elements of successful parking structure restoration. Our engineering and architectural professionals identify unique design requirements and recommend material applications to ensure maximum performance life for each parking facility. Our comprehensive drawings and coordination during construction guarantee timely project completion, within the owner’s budget.

“Often neglected, garage structures deteriorate from the constant moisture infiltration and chloride ions causing steel to rust and concrete to crack and spall.  With proven experience, our engineers are well prepared for the challenging aspects when restoring parking facilities.”

Mario Cirigliano


Periodic Condition Assessments of Parking Garages (NYS & NYC)

New York State has enacted requirements for the periodic inspection of parking garages.

Existing buildings must complete an initial condition assessment prior to October 1, 2019, October 1, 2020, or October 1, 2021, depending on the date of original construction. Following the initial condition assessment of a parking garage, such parking garage shall undergo periodic condition assessments every three years.

An initial condition assessment is required prior to a certificate of occupancy or certificate of compliance being issued for a new structure.

The Department of Buildings (DOB) has announced that the recent New York State Rule, which requires periodic inspections of parking structures, will now also apply to New York City, as part of an update to the NYC Building Code. The projected effective date is January 1, 2022. As our team becomes aware of additional details, we will continue to keep you informed.


Parking Lots, Sidewalks & Plazas

Parking Garage Restoration, Sidewalk Vault RestorationMerritt Engineering addresses all aspects of parking lot, sidewalk and plaza restorations, from installing new waterproofing systems to correcting sidewalk trip hazards.  We first assess the conditions of the existing substrate, examining the paver system, concrete slabs, waterproofing membranes and overall drainage systems in place. We then specify the most appropriate solutions to ensure safety, durability, feasibility, functionality and the overall aesthetic appearance.

Merritt Engineering’s sidewalk and plaza projects include: