The Town School

The Town School

In 2011, water infiltration reported by school personnel and deteriorating conditions of the building envelope prompted a much needed façade and window restoration project at The Town School.

Due to school operations, however, the work schedule was limited to a 6 to 8 week time frame during summer months only. As a result, Merritt carefully planned a four-phase restoration project, designing each project phase to take place from early July through the beginning of September, over the course of four years.

PHASE I – Playground Rooftop Replacement (Summer 2011)

PHASE II – Façade Restoration (Summer 2012)

PHASE III – New Window Installation (Summer 2013)

PHASE IV – Façade Restoration of South & West Elevation (Summer 2014)

Merritt worked closely with all contactors and school personnel to ensure the safe and timely completion of work.